Impact Story

A single father to four teenage boys recently came in for his monthly HCC visit. This guest is about six feet, five inches tall, weighs 250 pounds and displays a rough and tough exterior. (Picture Superbowl contender Von Miller who plays for the L.A. Rams!) Usually all we see from our friend is his tough exterior, but during this visit it was difficult. As we continued to shop, and he saw the large selection of fresh food, including lunch from a local restaurant and numerous frozen and bakery items he began to get choked up. He paused and asked to speak to someone in charge. When our team lead greeted our friend, he wiped a couple of tears from his eyes and said, “Thank you so much for all of this food. You don’t know how much this helps my boys! All they do is eat and I never have enough no matter how much I work.” They enjoyed a good laugh because we all know “growing boys; truly can eat!” Our team lead simply smiled behind their mask and replied, “You’re welcome, it’s our pleasure. We love you and your hungry boys!” Not a moment later the father’s tough exterior reemerged and he continued his shopping. As we all continue to go through hard life seasons, stay encouraged; together we can get through anything!