Impact Story: Why Susana Needs HCC

We never know the circumstances that cause a family or individual to first walk into HCC. Some are recovering from the pandemic, others lost their job and never quite got back on their feet, some have battled major health crises their entire life, and others are caring for grandchildren while their only income is Social Security.

Last month on her return visit one of our friends, Susana, had some extra time to share more of her story. Only two short years ago Susana was happily married and fully embracing her stay-at-home mom role to three kids while her husband supported the family outside the home. Then her circumstances changed. After a move that didn’t go as planned and a separation from her husband, she found herself supporting and raising her family on her own. Susana has a master’s degree, but even with full-time work, the rising cost of living expenses plus the added cost of childcare is overwhelming! Susana works two jobs, and she now makes too much for government assistance, but she does not have enough income to survive with her rising rent cost. As she continues to look for higher paying employment, she is so thankful for HCC. She knows at HCC she doesn’t have to ‘qualify’ for anything! She knows she is welcome, and she comes every month to get the added help her family needs! Kneeling down, playing with her youngest son in our kids’ play corner, Susana told us with a huge smile on her face, “Because of this place, I know my kids will not go hungry!”

We live in the richest nation in the world, yet we have neighbors like Susana who are struggling to make sure her kids do not go hungry each month!

TODAY, you can be a lifeline to strong, hard-working individuals like Susana by partnering with HCC with a year-end gift! HCC’s goal is to raise over $200,000 this month to make sure all moms like Susana can always count on HCC!

Don’t forget, if you live in Arizona, YOU CAN TELL your tax DOLLARS to feed families before December 31. HCC is a qualifying Charitable Tax Credit charity under Mitchell Swaback Charities, Inc., state code 20157. Those who file as single can give the maximum amount of $400 and married couples may max out at $800 and receive a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit!

Thank you, Susana, for sharing your story with us, we are honored to be part of your journey! Thank you all for considering a year-end gift to HCC to help us close out 2022!