Impact Moment

Last month a single mom came into one of our centers with her 10-month-old baby boy. Sadly, this little one was diagnosed at birth with a rare illness that is treated aggressively with chemotherapy. The chemotherapy makes the baby very dehydrated and he must drink an excessive amount of Pedialyte every day. Purchasing Pedialyte in large quantities for any family is quite expensive and some weeks this brave mom doesn’t know if she’ll be able to provide the much-needed liquid that her baby needs.

As mom and family were shopping in our mini mart, they turned and saw two cases of Pedialyte, something that HCC shelves rarely have! They asked the center manager about the product, and he couldn’t even remember it being on the shelf. Due to the critical needs of this little baby, HCC staff gave his mom both cases! Before saying their final goodbyes and exiting the center, volunteers surrounded mom and son and prayed for his health. Miracles do happen every day; we just have to open our eyes to see them!