How Would You Feed 50 Families?

Every week we meet extraordinary people, community members who are led to help others in some special way. Last month was no different. One Saturday afternoon we were honored to meet Liam, who just celebrated his ninth birthday! The ONLY thing he wanted for his birthday was to ask others to give him boxes of cereal so he could donate the cereal to HCC! That was it, his only request! When family members asked, “Why cereal?” Liam replied, “Because I love it!” Well, that was a good enough reason for friends and family to donate almost 50 boxes of cereal that Liam (with the help of his family!) hand-delivered to HCC! “I brought you all this cereal so other kids like me who love cereal can have some!” added Liam.

Thank you, Liam! Because of your birthday wish, almost 50 families enjoyed your favorite food!

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