HCC Volunteer Spotlight: Patty


Each month the HCC enjoys shinning the spotlight on one of our amazing volunteers.

This month we are thrilled to introduce you to our great friend Patty.

Patty is originally from Sinaloa Mochis and lives in Phoenix with her parents and two children. Patty has been a faithful volunteer for the HCC since 2015 after she first visited the HCC seeking food assistance for her family while she was temporary out of work. As Patty continued to look for work she took up the HCC on their offer for her to come in and volunteer on Wednesday mornings. Since the first shift Patty volunteered she has been a blessing to the HCC and our guests. Patty can be seen many days greeting all guests in our lobby, helping to keep our line flowing in a very organized fashion and translating prayers for those who speak only Spanish. Patty commented, “I feel blessed to be able to serve the people, and blessed to be able to pray for them.”

Patty reminds us all of Acts 20:35 “….you should help those in need, and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, who said, it is more blessed to give than to receive.” Patty tells us that it is very rewarding to be able to serve others and give help to the needy. Through her own experiences at the HCC she has grown more confident in the Lord’s plan for her own life.

Patty has been welcomed into the Harvest Compassion family and we want to thank her publicly for her outstanding work ethic, dedication and energy she pours into volunteering at the HCC.

All of us at the HCC Phoenix would like to extend our sincere thankfulness for Laura’s continued partnership serving those in need.  To find out more information on how you can volunteer please contact Adrie Olson at