HCC Volunteer Spotlight: Mike and Carol Moench

Mike & Carol Moench

Meet Mike and Carol Moench, two amazing Harvest Compassion Center volunteers who have been serving at HCC Phoenix since November 2017. This father-daughter team loves volunteering several times a month in both the food and clothing areas of the HCC. Mike, an inspiring 88 year-old volunteer, coined Wednesdays as his day of service and he looks forward to Wednesdays as he knows it is never a wasted day when volunteering at the Harvest Compassion Center!

Mike, a Korean War veteran, has repeatedly said that he enjoys working with the HCC guests and practicing his Spanish skills. When HCC Director Adrie Olson asked Mike what his favorite part of volunteering was he replied, “I love being able to help my fellow human beings, for some reason or another they have less than I do right now, and I love giving to them in this way and helping them feel accomplished!” Mike’s daughter Carol added, “I receive so much joy and blessing and encouragement by interacting with the guests who come through – I love getting to bless others by providing for their needs and seeing them receive dignity through their experience here- I love the blessing of working with the other volunteers as well.”

Mike has taught his daughter well, as Carol truly lives out the mantra “it’s better to give than receive.” Carol commented, “My heart is full because of serving at the HCC, I’m overflowing with joy and it’s so much greater to give. We get to imitate Jesus, who was the greatest servant, who did not come to be served, but to serve!”

The HCC Phoenix thanks this terrific tandem team for their faithful volunteering efforts and support. To learn how your life can be blessed by volunteering check out our “Get Involved” tab on our website.

Mike & Carol Moench