HCC Volunteer Spotlight: Jill Yancy

Jill Yancy

Every month HCC is honored to highlight one of our amazing volunteers, this month HCC Maryvale volunteer Jill Yancy is deserving of this honor! Jill, a retired Phoenix native and mom of 4 children and a grandma to 8, started volunteering at HCC Maryvale last June. Jill, a previous business owner, now retired, was looking to give back to her community with some of her new free time.

Jill has worked in HCC’s food area, clothing boutique and has even assisted with clothing donations, processing, and laundry. When we asked Jill what her favorite item of volunteering at the HCC was she answered, “Being able to visit with HCC clients when they come through and feeling like I’m heling those in need. The HCC does such a great service in helping people with their immediate needs.”

Jill highly recommends others to get involved volunteering at the HCC adding, “It’s a great feeling to be able to help others who need it. We’ve all been in positions where we need help – everyone can give back and it’s a great way we can all support each other.”

All of us at HCC are grateful for Jill’s commitment to serve those in need at our Maryvale center. “Jill comes in every week, and she’s always smiling and willing to jump in wherever I ask!” said Paul Thompson, HCC Maryvale Director.

Thank you, Jill, for serving others with your time and energy!

If you’re interested in volunteering at HCCs across the Valley, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Adrie Olson at

Jill Yancy