Harvest Compassion Center Receives Grant from Thunderbirds Charities

Harvest Compassion Center is pleased to announce it has received a $25,000 grant from Thunderbirds Charities. These funds will support the mission of the Harvest Compassion Center at both the North Phoenix and Maryvale locations of providing free food, fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy, clothing, hygiene, home and baby items to all who live in Arizona.

In partnership with Thunderbirds Charities, both Harvest Compassion Centers welcome anyone living in Arizona to visit once every 30 days to receive a free shopping trip. Needy individuals, seniors, veterans, families and children come to HCC to find a unique mini-mart shopping experience where a personal shopper volunteer helps them select and fill a cart with their needed and desired grocery, home and clothing items. Last year alone, HCC served 36,180 individuals and children with over 205,200 pounds of food and 36,000 pieces of clothing!

“Unfortunately, we know we will not end hunger or eliminate poverty in the Valley, but at Harvest Compassion Center we are making a huge, life-changing impact, one family at a time, while we are inviting our local neighbors in to be a part of our daily outreach,” says Nicolee Thompson, Executive Director of Harvest Compassion Center. “Our philosophy is that if Harvest Compassion Center can show clients love and hope through service, we believe that those same clients will someday be able to pass this same kindness onto others.”

Amazing partners like Thunderbirds Charities go above and beyond to support local outreach initiatives that are truly impacting the hurt, hidden and hungry in the Valley! “Thank you, Thunderbird Charities, for your ongoing support!” commented Nicolee.