December Monthly Motivation

Last month a donor came in with a large number of cake mixes, icing, candles, and pans, all assembled into what she called a “celebration box.” She told HCC her church had made these in hopes that the children who visit HCC could take one if they had an upcoming birthday or something else to celebrate. HCC thanked her and knew that these would be such a treat for the kids! But the story didn’t stop there. The same day HCC greeted a new client, Julia. She shared that she doesn’t qualify for state services but could really use help with food as money was tight. HCC told her she was right where she needed to be and asked how she found out about us. Julia said that the night before she was at a church event packing celebration boxes! We never know the divine path that brings in the families we serve, but we sure are thankful for those celebration boxes that allowed us to meet Julia!