Back-2-School Kids Pop Up Shop Update

Last month HCC had a blast creating our very own ‘Kids POP UP SHOP’ fully stocked with brand new backpacks, school supplies and lunch boxes. What is the most important feature of HCC’s POP UP SHOP? It is for KIDS ONLY! HCC volunteers had a blast inviting kids in from the community to shop (for free, of course!) for their much-needed items to kick off the 2019-2020 school year.

Years ago HCC recognized a need for these essential items that prepare kids for a successful school year. “Education is one basic area that will change the future of a child. If we can encourage a child to dream big and excel in the classroom, then we are all for it!” commented HCC Executive Director Nicolee Thompson. “Plus, our Kids POP UP SHOP does more than just serve children. We invite local businesses, churches and families to donate these items, giving them a platform to love their neighbors!”

Long lines formed everyday as the HCC served over 662 kids during this special summer outreach! That’s 662 kids who will show up on the first day of school ready to go!

Thank you again to every partner, family, and friend who donated items this summer. “Every single backpack, pencil and notebook donated went to one child who you took the time to care for!” See pictures from the event HERE.

P.S. As school gets underway this month, school supply leftovers will go on sale. Feel free to donate these items to HCC this month and HCC will put them in storage until next summer! #DonateSmarter