AZ Gives Day Update

Thank you so much for YOUR GIVING on AZ GIVES DAY! Last Tuesday, April 6, over 5.5 million was raised for over 980 local non-profits in the state of Arizona in just 24 hours! Harvest Compassion Centers preliminary giving totals are nearing $100,000!

We cannot thank you enough for jumping online during the 24 hours of giving and helping fund our local outreach centers in the North and West Valleys. 100% of your gift will ensure HCC’s shelves are fully stocked with an awesome selection of food, hygiene, and baby product for guests to shop from free of charge through our summer months. Proverbs 22:9, “The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.”

A special thank you to our AZ Gives Day Matching Gift Sponsors: Comerica Bank, Hear Me Roar Foundation, Arizona Verde Fire Protection, Arizona Legion Auxiliary Unit #62, Core Construction, and many others. Together our sponsors pledged and gave $50,000 toward our AZ Gives Day matching efforts and 100% of those funds were matched because of your generosity! Thousands of kids and families will continue to be fed, clothed, loved and impacted because hundreds came together as ONE to serve!

Take a quick listen to those who wanted to say THANK YOU!