2020-2021 Torch Award Recipient

Each academic school year Mitchell Swaback Charities, Inc. sponsors the Torch Award scholarship and honors two high students enrolled in Harvest Christian Academy in Elgin, Illinois. This is the fourteenth year that the Torch Award has been distributed. “This award represents being a light to your classmates and your local community, just like Mitch was before he passed away. When asked, Mitch was the first to volunteer and help a friend and/or stranger, while continuing to show the love of Jesus. The Torch Award allows MSC to find amazing young men and women who show the same characteristics,” explained MSC Co-Founder Bob Swaback.

This year due, to COVID-19 restrictions, applicants submitted a lengthy application and written essay, and also participated in zoom interviews. MSC is proud to announce Alexandra Shepherd as the 2020-2021 female Torch Award recipient!

“All of us at MSC are thrilled to congratulate Alexandra on this year’s honors. She was incredibly posed during her zoom interviews as she showed us her heart for others,” commented Nicolee Thompson, MSC Co-Founder.

Alexandra, the eldest of five siblings, is entering her senior year at HCA this fall with plans to participate in volleyball, basketball, soccer and possibly track and field. “I am super excited for my senior year at HCA. I look forward to being involved in student council, National Honor Society, sports, and maybe a play. I also look forward to getting more involved with my community by volunteering at numerous events,” added Alexandra.

Alexandra commented, “Receiving the Torch Award is an amazing honor. Not only because I am able to glorify God through the gifts He has given me, but also to keep Mitch’s legacy alive. Receiving the award is immensely humbling. God has utilized my past to create the Alex Shepherd of the present. I would not be the person I am today without God’s help.”

In-person Torch Award deliveries were also made this year to winners’ homes as school was still suspended due to COVID-19. “Receiving the Torch Award has had an immense impact on my life. This coming school year, I will be focusing on being a leader in my friend group, at home, on the field or the court, and at school,” Alexandra added.

Congratulations, Alexandra from all of us at MSC on winning this year’s Torch Award honors! We are confident that you will represent this honor well.