2015’s Impact Numbers

All of us at MSC/HCC took a moment to reflect on the many blessings we received in 2015.  In doing so, we were thrilled on the Lord’s provisions throughout the year.  His provisions in funding, partnerships, and most importantly the impact of showing His love to others!

We’re thankful to all of our volunteers, partners and friends who allowed the Harvest Compassion Center to serve 4,814 families last year while handing out over 21,600 pieces of clothing, and over 500 bibles.  To date, since opening almost five years ago, the HCC has served over 18,000 families!  What an amazing impact the HCC is making within the community of Phoenix!

MSC never imagined that the inspiration from one young man would be able to reach so many.  MSC was created to preserve the memory and legacy for Mitch Swaback, a son, brother, and friend who the Lord called home after only 23 years here on earth.  Through one family’s pain in death, the HCC and many other projects were born.  Each has had a major impact, specifically focusing on shining the Lord’s light into our dark world.  May the Lord continue to bless MSC/HCC this coming year, and thank you to each partner, volunteer, donor and friend who is responsible for this impact.  You are loved!