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Lost Dutchman Marathon Races! SIGN UP TO RACE: Sunday, February 14, 2016

Team HCC will be racing again this February 14, 2016, at the Lost Dutchman Marathon races located in Gold Canyon at Apache Junction!  There’s an option and race for EVERYONE… including a Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k Race, 8k Trail Race and a 1 mile Fun Run/Walk.  Last’s year team was our largest to date, and we’d love to break that record and have over 60 runners/walkers sign up for Team HCC!

Each team member needs to sign up at the Lost Dutchman’s official site, and when doing so be sure to enter our team code HCC16, to receive a discount and be placed on our team.

After you’ve registered, please email Nicolee Thompson so she can get your Team Page up and you can start raising support for the Harvest Compassion Center!  Your team page will be your personal fundraising page that you can forward to friends and family and they can sponsor you for this year’s race.  We already have 8 racers signed up and raising support!

Remember it’s a FUN FAMILY morning, bring the kids and entire family… we’ll have a team tent, food, and park to play on.  See you on the 14th!  Any questions please email Nicolee.



The Joy in Surrender

Behold, I am a servant of the Lord; let it be done to me according to your word (Luke 1:38, ESV).

What do you think of when you hear the word surrender? For me it’s “Come out with your hands up!” Maybe you picture waving a white flag.

But the biggest battle we face is not a military one. The real war goes on inside people where it comes to giving up our will in favor of God’s will. If there’s anything that we can learn from the woman God chose to be Jesus’ mother, it’s certainly in this matter of surrender.

You know the familiar scene from Luke 1:26–38. An angel appeared to Mary and announced God’s incredible plan to her. I think the best verse in that whole passage is Luke 1:38 because it summarizes what God is teaching us through Mary’s life. Her first and only response to the angel was one of surrender. “And Mary said, ‘Behold, I am a servant of the Lord; let it be done to me according to your word.’” That’s a phenomenal thing. It shows a life of complete and utter submission to God.

Mary surrendered to God’s will even though it was difficult. How tempting it could have been for her to focus on the hard thing God was asking her to do. All the false accusations and misunderstandings were just the beginning of the hardship she’d face. But she said, “Let it be done to me according to your word.” Mary, do you understand this? You’re going to have some really dark days. Your heart will break as you watch your Son suffer and die.

“Behold, I am a servant of the Lord; let it be done to me according to your word.”

Mary surrendered to God’s will even though she didn’t understand. Mary was not 100% sure in that first moment. She had questions and wrestlings. I’m sure she had to pray it through. Scripture says that she kept pondering these things in her heart. What was said to me? What does it mean? What is going to happen?

Mary surrendered to God’s will without knowing all the details. That is my issue right there. If you had been Mary, wouldn’t you have wanted someone to fill in the big picture? Like, “When is He going to know that He is God’s Son?” “How is Joseph going to handle this?” “Is He going to be God’s Son right off the bat?” “What about miracles?” “What’s my role in this going to be?” “Where is all this headed?” I could think of a thousand questions, but here’s the thing: God wouldn’t have told her anyway because she couldn’t have handled it. God doesn’t work like that. God doesn’t say, “Here is everything you’re going to go through for the rest of your life.” God loves us. He would never reveal all of that to us—it would be too hard to take. If you have been saying, “I’m going to surrender to God when I have all of the information,” give it up to God and get in partnership with Him now.

Mary surrendered to God’s will by faith. It always comes back to trusting God and believing that He has your best interest at heart. Like we say around our church, “Faith is believing the Word of God and acting upon it, no matter how I feel, because God promises a good result.” That’s what Mary did. First, she believed she was who God said she was—highly favored. Mary basically said, “God, I believe You are extending grace to me.” Second, she believed that God would keep His word. She surrendered to God’s will by faith.

What is God asking you to surrender to Him? Maybe you’re faced with that first moment of surrender when you recognize your sinfulness and your need for forgiveness. Have you bowed your knee to Jesus Christ as Lord and embraced Him by faith? Or maybe you’ve come to realize that life consists of many repeated surrenders to God. Maybe you’ve been struggling with Him. Lord, how did I get myself in this spot? Is this where You want me? Let me encourage you to invite the Lord to be specific with you as you wrestle with these questions in prayer.

This life lasts but a moment. God has placed you in your circumstance, and perhaps it’s a very difficult one. This is your opportunity to display the power of life lived in God. Take hold of it. Seize it like Mary did and say from your heart, “Behold, I am a servant of the Lord; let it be done to me according to your word.”

There is such joy in that surrender. How much heartache, turmoil, and difficulty have come into your life as a result of refusing to embrace what God has allowed? God is a good and loving God and He wants to get glory through your life.

And all of that flows from this matter of surrender. Wave the white flag!

What difficult circumstance or task has God charged you with that requires surrender on your part? Are you resisting the challenge or accepting it in faith?
• What can you learn from Mary’s response of immediate surrender to God’s mission for her?

Lord, what is the area I most need to surrender to You? Please let this concept move from my head to my heart. I belong to You, and my highest priority is living for You. I surrender to Your will for my present and my future. No matter what, I want to say with Mary, “I am a servant of the Lord.” I know Your grace is sufficient to get me through anything You allow to cross my path. I give myself afresh to You, oh God. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.


Little Hands & Little Feet Make a BIG Impact!

little hands 2Over the past two months, the Harvest Compassion Center has hosted numerous class field trips and service groups from various nearby Phoenix schools. The Harvest Compassion Center hosts classes and groups throughout the year, however, around the holidays we are especially busy sharing our mission with the youngest of volunteers. The HCC welcomes preschoolers to college age students into the center to learn all about the purpose and vision behind the HCC, our operations and then conclude their visit helping us sort and stock donations. Each group holds a mini-food and/or clothing drive and brings their donations with them when they visit the HCC. After they sort their donations they stock the items on our shelves according to the type of product.

“The kids really have a fun time putting the food on the shelves; they are fast workers and want to run back for more! When we ask the young kids why they came to the HCC today, one little boy answered, to give free stuff away and help people. He was exactly right!” commented Nicolee Thompson, HCC Director.

To book your class field trip or group, please contact Nicolee Thompson. Groups are hosted on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday mornings year-round.

Thank you to Mrs. Cornelius, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Macias, Teacher Heather, Mrs. Sia and Mrs. Underhill, Mrs. Martino, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Underwood, Harvest Bible Chapel Glendale Youth Group, Harvest Bible Chapel Chandler Youth Group for bringing their classes and groups into the HCC this year!


‘Tis The Season

toys 2Every year at Christmas time the Harvest Compassion Center has a blast handing out brand new Christmas toys for free to girls and boys of all ages. Last December we handed out 500 toys and this year we hope to surpass that number! Currently we are in the process of bagging and organizing the toys so families can pick out that perfect surprise gift for their loved one. The HCC hands out toys right up to Christmas Eve, so if you live in the Phoenix area and want to donate a new toy please drop off all toys during our regular store hours: Monday and Wednesday 9 am to noon and Saturdays 2-4:30pm.

This will be the third year in a row that the HCC will hand out toys; the motivation came from a single mom 3 years ago, when she came in and asked if we had anything to give her two kids for Christmas. Unfortunately, on that day we had nothing. Our director felt the weight of her sadness and disappointment and made it a priority to never be in that situation again. Over the past three years the HCC has handed out over 1,500 brand new toys in December… a true blessing for each and every family who walk away with a smile on their face and toys in hand!

Merry Christmas!


Christmas at the Princess


Christmas time is here! To celebrate we’re honored to be hosting a special holiday concert with the popular duo of Jubilant Sykes with world renowned guitarist Christopher Parkening, who will join the John Beasley Trio. The group will be playing a Christmas musical presentation of classic favorites and jazzy cool standards. Proceeds from this concert will directly benefit the Harvest Compassion Center, MSC’s local food and clothing bank. Tickets range from $25.00 to $100.00 dollars and will include free parking, as well as, 50% discount on ice skating & pictures with Santa at the Princess Resort.

The concert will be hosted at the Fairmont Princess Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona on Saturday, December 19th 1:30- 3:30. If you live in the Phoenix area you won’t want to miss this special afternoon that is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit!

Purchase your tickets today!


Elijah’s Dark Days

Elijah was a man with a nature like ours (James 5:17, ESV).

Don’t you love the transparency with which God’s Word describes real men and women? On almost every page of Scripture you meet people “just like us.” Take Elijah—James 5:17 says that Elijah, God’s prophet, was “a man with a nature like ours.” We meet him at a point of real depression in 1 Kings, and from his life we see this truth: even the most godly people get down at times.

There are ways to guard against taking the full plunge into depression, but first, let’s get some bad advice out of the way:

Find a place by yourself. In 1 Kings 19, Elijah had just come off a major victory. He was physically exhausted and emotionally spent. He sat under a juniper tree—an almost lifeless, leafless shrub. So why was Elijah sitting under that tree? I’ll tell you—the dude wanted to be by himself. The fact is that depression can shut out something we need most—people who love us and want to support us.

Friend, those dark clouds are not going away as long as you are trying to do life on your own. Honestly consider the answers to these hard questions:

• Do you have fewer personal friends than you had a year ago?
• When you come home, do you often retreat away from your family?
• Are you skipping small group or avoiding getting into one?
• Is your worst nightmare to be trapped in a corner by someone who loves you and is asking what’s wrong?

If you want to invite depression, find a place by yourself.

Focus on the negative. Everyone faces negative and positive things in life. Look how Elijah focused on the negative: In 1 Kings 19:4, he had lost his grip on the truth. He basically says, “I am left alone. [No, he wasn’t.] I am no better than my fathers. I have accomplished nothing. I have wasted my whole life.” Hear this: No one accomplishes all they want to, but if you are serving Christ, pouring your life out for the glory of God as best you know how, you are accomplishing everything you need to. Practice letting God’s Word inform your emotions—not the other way around.

Forget God’s provision. Isn’t this the same guy who God fed for three years with just a loaf of bread and a jar of oil? Isn’t this the guy who won a major victory when God poured fire down from heaven, and the same guy who killed 450 false prophets and obliterated idolatry in front of the home crowd at high noon?! Elijah had seen a few miracles. It wasn’t like God had never come through for him. Don’t you want to say, “Hey, Elijah! God has never failed you, man! Why are you doubting Him?”

But we do the same thing. We forget God’s faithful provision and how good He has been to us. We forget who God is and how He never changes or fails.

Negative focus and short memory aside, Elijah was met by God in his depression, and he let God change him. Ask yourself whether you need to do the following:

1. Let God confront you. In verse 9, Elijah slept in a cave and God came to him and said, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” Then, in spite of Elijah’s lame excuses, the Lord ministered to him. I love that. God wasn’t angry or judgmental; He just ministered grace to him.
2. Let God reveal Himself to you. Watch how God showed Himself strong to Elijah. God told him to stand outside, “And behold, the LORD passed by, and a great and strong wind tore the mountains and broke in pieces the rocks before the LORD, but the LORD was not in the wind. And after the wind an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake. And after the earthquake a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire the sound of a low whisper” (1 Kings 19:11–12, ESV). That is sweet. Elijah had seen the wild stuff and it didn’t faze him anymore. But then God whispered to him, and Elijah got fired up.
3. Let God provide for you. After He revealed Himself to Elijah in a small gentle voice, God supernaturally sent food and rest. God will minister to you if you will receive His provision.
4. Immediately do what God says. God gave some specific instructions to Elijah in verses 15–17. Whatever God is saying you need to do, do it immediately.
5. Get involved with people again. After this, God sent Elijah back to civilization. What is it you need to do today to get back in the game? Ask God to give you the courage to meet and follow Him each day and He will renew your heart with hope.

• Which of these five areas do you most need to surrender to God?
• What step can you take today to move toward spiritual encouragement?

Father God, I confess that I am prone to negative thoughts and ingratitude for all You’ve already done for me. Help me to get quiet before You. I invite You to do Your convicting work in my heart, and I ask You to show me the steps I need to take. I trust You and I praise You for Your goodness and faithfulness. Please take my hand and be the lifter of my head. In the mighty name of Jesus, amen.


Random ACTS of KINDNESS DO Happen!

waterLast month when a HCC Volunteer was shopping at Costco to purchase several cases of bottled water for our guests at the Harvest Compassion Center the man in the front of the line noticed her. This man noticed a lady buying LOTS of water and as his curiosity grew, he leaned over and asked the volunteer, “What’s all the water for?” The HCC volunteer smiled and replied, “I’m buying water for the Harvest Compassion Center.” The man replied, “The who? What’s that?” The HCC Volunteer continued to tell her new friend in line all about the HCC, and what they do and how they feed and clothe the hungry.

As the man finished paying for his own Costco load, he turned and looked at the cashier and said, “I’m going to pay for all that water also, please.” The cashier returned a look to the man, almost saying with her eyes, “Are you sure?”

After the man purchased all the water for the HCC, they walked to the exit, and then headed to the HCC volunteer’s car so he could get a HCC postcard with more information. As the car was loaded the HCC Volunteer turned to the man and said, “May I at least have your name so I can thank you?” The man replied, “My name’s not important, just God bless you all for the work you’re doing!”


Lost Dutchman Marathon Races

Save-the-Date Sunday, February 14, 2016

Team HCC will be ready to race again in next year’s Lost Dutchman Marathon Races, this coming Sunday, February 14, 2016. This year’s races will be held at Gold Canyon and Apache Junction, Arizona. Races start at 7am and will include a race for everyone: Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k Race, 8k Trail Race and a 1 mile Fun Run/Walk.

If you’re a serious runner, start your training now for those 26.2 miles and be sure to register. When you register, please enter our Team and Discount Code: HCC16

Then, please email Nicolee Thompson so she can get your team page up and you can start raising support for the Harvest Compassion Center!

Become a FEED 1 Partner Today!!

1 Bag. 1 Family. 1 Mission.

It’s November and time to launch our FEED 1 Fall Campaign! FEED 1 is MSC’s new monthly donor outreach campaign ensuring that the Harvest Compassion Center will be able to be continue to serve the families in the Valley for years to come with FREE food, hygiene, baby and clothing items!

What is FEED 1? Signing up as a FEED 1 Partner, you are committing to FEED 1 family a month with a $28.00 dollar donation. Each month your $28.00 dollar donation will ensure that one HCC Family will be fed and clothed!

What is the Goal of FEED 1? MSC’s goal with FEED 1 is to reach new partners who will help the HCC to stay fully stocked year round. MSC has a goal of signing up 1,000 FEED 1 Partners! So please tell a friend!

How do I Sign-Up? Follow the link here, choose how many families you’d like to FEED each month, then create an account and in one minute you’ll be registered as our Newest FEED 1 Partner!

Every month MSC’s eblast will track our FEED 1 campaign, take a look each month to see how God is blessing our efforts and how many new FEED 1 Partners have joined!